When and What to Wear in Connecticut

Connecticut is a small state between New York and Boston metropolises. It might not be the top destination in the U.S, but due to its proximity to big cities and beautiful scenery, Connecticut is definitely worth a long visit. The entire state is laid back and loving the nautical theme, but keep in mind that the closer to NY you'll be getting, the more fashionable you will want to look, just to blend in.

Connecticut loves its UCONN Huskies, so make sure to wear navy blue, white or black in support, especially if you happen to be in town for the game.


Connecticut has two distinct weather patterns. If you are visiting the shore towns, dress for warmer winters and cooler summers than the more inland places, because the ocean rules things here.

Winters are generally mild in Connecticut, with the mean temperature at 27F/-3C. Summers are quite refreshing with average temperatures in July rising to just 70F/21C. Just like everywhere else, some extreme cold and heat waves do happen. It can get to a 100F/38C in the summer and below 0F/-18C in winter. Those periods are usually short, but intense.

What to Pack for Winter Visit:

Winter Wear

Wardrobe: dress, sweater, coat, jeans, scarf, beanie, boots, ankle boots.

Winter can be a bit cool and dreary in Connecticut. Dress appropriately and have warm clothes on hand. Skiing is not legendary here, but there are some great parks in the state where you can enjoy snow. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are great in Connecticut.

If you are doing one of those activities, make sure you don't get wet and cold. You don't want to get overheated too, so get an appropriate skiing gear, multiple layers, great socks, and have fun.

If you'd rather spend your winter indoors, Connecticut is known for Foxwood and Mohegan Sun casinos, concert venues, and great restaurants, so you can stay away from the cold and snow for sure. At the casinos you will not have to walk far from the parking garage, will be able to check in your winter coat and let loose in a sparkly dress and a great pair of heels.

What to Pack for Spring Visit:

Spring Wear

Wardrobe: jacket, shirt, long sleeve shirt, jeans, bag, sunglasses, sandals, S shoes, lipstick.

Spring, together with fall, is probably the best season to visit Connecticut. Think Mystic and Stonington. You will love those romantic towns in spring and will not have to fight crazy summer crowds.

While in Mystic, visit the famed Mystic Seaport, Aquarium, and Olde Mystic Village. This village and the downtown have wonderful little shops, so if it's your thing, definitely stop at a few for a bit of retail therapy.

Stonington Borough is a beautiful seaside village with picturesque views, restaurants, and shops.

Clothing here is pretty casual. People love comfort because a lot of walking might be required if you want to see a lot on your visit. Look at the weather forecast and keep in mind that sunshine might be stolen by strong rain in a blink of an eye. Dress in layers, combine jeans or leggings, sandals or flats, a cute t-shirt or tunic, topped with a jacket for a day out on a town.

Sunglasses are essential if you don't want to be squinting all day long. Use a duffel bag, like Le Sportsack Small Weekend Duffle Bag, to put all your essentials for a weekend or a week long getaway.

Whatever you do, know that the style here is relaxed, comfortable, and a bit preppy.

Summer Wear in Connecticut:

Summer Wear

Wardrobe: swimsuit, shirt, shorts, dress, sunglasses, duffel bag, hat, sandals, necklace.

Summer is for outdoors in Connecticut. You want to spend your days at the beach, at a farmer's market, and sipping wine in a vinery on a beautiful day.

If you love wine, check out Saltwater Farms in Stonington, Land of Nod in East Canaan, Jones Vinery in Shelton, and Miranda Vineyard in Goshen.

Protect your skin and head from the sun, it can get pretty intense. You don't even have to be at the beach to get scorched, just hanging out at the vineyard or walking along those beautiful shoreline streets will expose you to sun. In addition to a cute hat and sunglasses, apply generous amounts of sunscreen a few times a day.

Have your beloved swimsuit and sandals handy for when you'll go to the beach.

You should pack light for Connecticut summer swimsuits, pair of sandals, shorts, t-shirt, a flowy dress, and flip flops.

Make sure you don't wear flip flops and a swimsuit under your tunic far away from the beach. Take a shower and change for a nice dinner out, people are classy here.

Fall Clothes in Connecticut:

Autumn clothes

Wardrobe: turtleneck, long sleeve shirt, jacket, jeans, scarf, beanie, shoes, bag.

People flock to Connecticut in the fall to see beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves. There are plenty of festivals to participate in during this time of the year. Locals celebrate harvest and have fun all over the state.

If you are planning to visit Connecticut in the fall, see if you can catch Mushroom Festival in Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in September. Garlic Festival also takes place in September, not far from Mystic. October is known for Chowdafest in Westport by all the clam chowder lovers.

Fall is a great time to visit B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill in Mystic and observe the process of making cider from fresh apples. Tasting and apple product purchasing is available. Imagine the mouth-watering flavor of fresh apple doughnuts! You can only visit this mill in autumn.

Apple picking is a very popular activity all across the state, so dress comfy and visit an apple farm or two.

Just like in many other states, dressing for fall might require a bit of creative thinking you don't want to be all bulky and uncomfortable, but you do want to be ready for whatever weather the day will throw at you. Layers are essential; they will help you to overcome any obstacles from nature with ease.