Save for Travel with Shopping at Target

Target Store Fasade

Let's be honest, traveling is not cheap, and it can often be difficult to set aside some money for your next trip. Unfortunately shopping for necessities like groceries and household supplies eat up the bulk of the monthly budget. And that is why it is always so nice to be able to save a little bit here and there when doing your regular shopping. The money saved will help make your dream vacation a reality.

Many cost savvy customers prefer to shop at Target as they like a great assortment of products, clean stores and great service. Plus they are happy to be able to save every time they make their everyday purchases. Want to know how? Here are the most effective cost saving strategies that will help you save when you shop at Target. And saving on groceries means savings to be spent for travel.

Use the Target App

Consider using the Target App every time you shop to save on a wide range of products. When you walk along the isles use the app to scan every item you put into your cart. Provided there's a coupon or promo offer, it will be immediately added to your app so you could get a discount at checkout. Typically you can get minimum 5% off your bill using the app. Some items can be discounted to as much as 50% off, so make sure you scan every single item. It's so nice to find some unadvertised special that you can save for travel!

You can also use the app when you shop at other stores. You should scan the barcode to find out how much the same product currently costs at Target. Most retailers will price match if you show them the proof that the identical product is offered for sale for less at the other store.

Check out the Current Promotions

Before you shop at Target be sure to check what promotions are currently being offered. You can visit the retailer's website or better check the couponing sites to access target promo codes as well as the latest coupons and promotions.

Shop Online, Pick Up In-Store

If you prefer to shop online you can avoid the shipping fees by choosing pick up in-store option. This way you will save not only money but also time as you won't have to run around with a cart and select the products you want. Learn also about Target's Drive Up service.

Use Target Gift Cards

Keep an eye out for the "stock up" sales, where you need to purchase multiple items to receive a target card. As a rule, you buy any two featured products and receive a $5 Target gift card. Gift cards can be offered on a wide range of products, including appliances and vacuums, too.

Get the Target REDcard

If you haven't got the REDcard yet it's high time to register for one. The reason is evident: card holders get 5% off of their bill at Target. So let's do the sum. If you spend $200 a week on groceries, that's $10 in savings per week you can actually save for travel. Even though Target's REDcard doesn't earn you points or miles you can use for travel it does provide you with considerable savings that could be spent on anything, including travel.