10 Beautiful Connecticut Towns

Connecticut may be one of the country's smallest states, but nevertheless hosts a plethora of historic towns full of natural scenery and splendor. It is a notably peaceful state that is not to be missed! Read on below for a list of the 10 most beautiful towns in Connecticut.

10. Cornwall

Covered Bridge at Cornwall

Cornwall is a very small town located in Litchfield County, Connecticut. What this town lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in beauty. Cornwall is most famous for its 19th century covered bridge built from gorgeous red timber. This unique bridge still currently serves as a central part of the town's infrastructure and attracts several visitors annually. In addition to its wondrous bridge, Cornwall features gingerbread styled buildings and an abundance of greenery making the seasons breathtaking beautiful. Read 10 Best Places to visit in Connecticut

9. Chester

Antique Shops at Chester

Chester is a classic New England town that made its beginning during the industrial era of milling and shipbuilding. Today, the town prides itself on its historical heritage and features several antique houses and architecture that is still well preserved. Chester also hosts a noteworthy cultural scene filled with countless boutiques, art galleries, and local theatres. Just outside of the town's main streets you will find a gorgeous landscape comprised of forests, hills, and streams.

8. Essex

Essex Railway

Essex is a Connecticut town filled with charm and splendor. Perhaps, it is most famous for being one of the main towns which inspired the little town of Stars Hollow found in The Gilmore Girls television series. Essex was founded long before the Revolutionary War and still holds several historic buildings, farmhouses, 19th century Federal style mansions, and the First Baptist Church of Essex, one of three Egyptian Revival churches within the U.S. Essex is a friendly town with a community who welcomes all to come and stay. In Essex you will find plethora of shops, inns, galleries, and a 19th century railway that still travels in between nearby towns.

7. Greenwich

Greenwich - The Town Centre

Greenwich is just a short train ride from middle Manhattan and is the perfect weekend getaway from the city. See 10 Romantic Weekend Trips in Connecticut. Those looking for a quieter life will enjoy this historic town full of architectural buildings, charming inns, and local museums captivating the Greenwich culture. Greenwich has a more cosmopolitan feel than the other quaint towns within Connecticut because of its proximity to the state of New York. Make sure to check out Greenwich Avenue, the town centre when you visit as it hosts amazing shopping and nightlife.

6. Kent

Macedonia Brook State Park

Kent is known best for its eye catching landscapes filled with giant trees, lush meadows, and winding trails. In addition to its wonderful scenery, Kent also provides a lovely centre featuring independent boutiques, cute cafes, and unique antique shops. There are two state parks within Kent - Macedonia Brook State Park, a great hikers destination, and Kent Falls State Park, home to nearly seventeen waterfalls.

5. Milford

Milford City Hall

Milford is the ideal blend of natural beauty and heritage. Located in the Southern region of Connecticut, Milford is one of the less touristy towns whom has still retained its authentic character featuring numerous historical buildings, small cafes, boutiques, bookstores, and peaceful green spaces. It is the perfect town for relaxing and unwinding. Plus, Milford hosts the second largest green in New England as well as many seafront walks and beautiful beaches.

4. Old Saybrook

Old Saybrook Lighthouse

Old Saybrook is one of Katharine Hepburn's old stomping grounds. The infamous actress even lived on the outskirts of Old Saybrook for a time. This New England getaway is the perfect waterside staycation filled with gorgeous architecture, natural beauty, and welcoming locals. Perhaps one of the most remarkable buildings within Old Saybrook is its old fashioned lighthouse located on one of the historic manor properties. This community town offers several family owned shops and quaint storefronts.

3. Mystic

Winter in Mystic

Mystic is an alluring coastal town located on the New England shoreline. It is an attractive place with an interesting heritage as it holds one of the most important seaports in history. Mystic Seaport has been well preserved with the country's largest maritime museums with a wonderful collection of historic merchant ships and vessels. Inland, many visitors find the Colonial period houses extremely charming and enjoy life along Main Street. In Mystic you will find numerous seafood restaurants and one of a kind shops.

2. Westport

Westport Seafront

Westport is a coastal town located fifty miles North of New York City. Westport is filled with a plethora of stunning scenery. Plus, its seafront is full of gorgeous brick built buildings whom contrast warmly against the clear blue sea. Needless to say, Westport is striking during the sunset hour. Along the town's main street you will find impressive colonial buildings, old fashioned boarding houses, and fresh green spaces, great for an afternoon stroll.

1. Wethersfield

Wethersfield Sign and Joseph Webb and Isaac Stevens Houses

Wethersfield dates back to 1634 hosting a noteworthy amount of historical buildings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Three of Wethersfield buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places including the Silas Deane House, the Buttolph-Williams House and the Joseph Webb House. Each one of these houses are an outstanding example of mint-condition Colonial architecture. The abundance of natural beauty found within Wethersfield sets it apart. The towns coves, lush trees, and landscapes are all scattered around breathtaking meadows and meandering tails beneath towering trees.