Landscapes of Connecticut

Connecticut Is a Small Giant

Connecticut is one of the smallest states of the USA, but its territory is densely populated. The state is known for its contrasts: here small farms sit side by side with huge mansions and small picturesque villages can be found in the vicinity of large developed cities. This state is an excellent place to live in, have fun and explore the great outdoors.

Connecticut is part of New England region and is one of the five states that formed the new country. A great number of colonial buildings serve as a historical evidence of this. Also "The State of Constitution" is famous for its beautiful towns and romantic resorts dotting the Atlantic coast, bright multicolored fall leaves and scenic forested mountains.

Connecticut Landscapes

The state boasts tons of attractions that draw a number of tourists each year. The best places to visit in Connecticut include unique natural objects that are located mostly in the northeast part of Connecticut as well as large cities on the southwest that are home to great many historical places, beautiful parks and squares. One of the hottest destinations boasting original architecture is the capital of Connecticut is the city of Hartford. It is the very city where the first public park was established in the U.S. In this park there is a stunningly beautiful Rose Garden, the oldest garden in the country and the third largest in the U.S.

We recommend visiting Connecticut in fall as nature is gorgeously beautiful at this time of the year. In fact, the fall in New England is considered the most beautiful in the USA and in October there are many tours and excursions that offer tons of positive impressions. For those who love hiking there are many great places just begging to be explored! Hikers had better head to the western part of Connecticut where the Taconic Range, a part of the Appalachian Mountains, stretches along the border of the neighboring New York state. Mount Bear which is 708 meters high is the highest peak of the range. One of the most popular hiking trails in the USA called the Appalachian Trail passes here. The trail starts in Georgia and stretches along the territory of such states as North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut…

Appalachian Trail Landscapes

Even though the territory of the state is not large Connecticut has great many things to do and attractions that will impress even the most exacting traveler. Gambling is legal in Connecticut so there, like in Las Vegas, you can visit the casino where you can not only test your luck but also see great musical and sports events, boxing tournaments and more.

If you decided to spend your vacation in Connecticut you will probably want to buy some souvenirs. The best places to shop in Connecticut are small souvenir shops and big department stores located in the big cities, such as Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, and cities of Bridgeport and Stamford. Budget travelers can save money when they shop at large supermarkets like Target, Walmart and Costco Wholesale.

The easiest way to get to Connecticut is, of course, by plane. Now we are not going to give advice on how to save on airfare, but will just focus on convenient routes. You can take a flight to Bradley International Airport or Tweed New Haven Airport. The latter has less traffic, but is also quite popular among the travelers. In addition to these two major airports, the state has over 10 smaller airports along with private ones. Or consider taking a flight to New York or Washington DC and then get to Hartford, the capital of the state. You can get to Hartford from New York by train going to New Haven and then take a bus or another train to Hartford.

Hotels in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has a great number of various hotels for every budget. The cost of hotel accommodation starts from $40 per night depending on the amenities and the property location.

This is just a short overview of everything the beautiful state of Connecticut has to offer. And at this site you will find a collection of interesting articles about this remarkable state.