Get a Jump on Carjackers

Carjacking - stealing a car by force - has captured headlines across the country. Statistically your chances of being a carjacking victim are very slim, and prevention actions can reduce the risk even more. Even if your changes of being carjacked are low be ready in case it happens to you. Are you covered by your insurance company if you were a victim of a carjacking? Insurance coverage to protect yourself against a carjacking or auto theft is really affordable but you have to look at the right insurance carriers.

Why is Carjacking a Problem?

No one knows for certain, but some explanations include:

Anywhere, Anyone

Most local and state criminal codes don't define "carjacking." It's reported as either auto theft or armed robbery. This means that no solid statistics exist on time, place, and victims. Connecticut General Statutes classifies "carjacking" as a Robbery Involving an Occupied Motor Vehicle. An unclassified Felony, carjacking in Connecticut carries three years minimum jail time.

Though carjacking can occur anytime, a sizable share appears to take place during the late night hours.

Carjacking isn't just a problem in large cities - it happens in suburbs, small towns, and rural areas.

Carjackers look for opportunity. They don't choose victims by sex, race, or age.

Golden opportunities: what do carjackers look for?

The "Bump and Rob"

It works like this. A car, usually with a driver and at least one passenger, rear-ends or "bumps" you in traffic. You quickly get out checking the damage and exchanging information. Either the driver or one of the passengers jumps in your car and drives off.

If you're bumped by another car, look around before you get out. Make sure there are other cars around; check out the car that's rear-ended you and who's in it. If the situation makes you uneasy, memorize or jot down the car's tag number and description; signal the other car to follow you.

Drive to the nearest police station or to a busy, well-lighted area.

If you do get out of the car, take your keys (and purse or wallet if you have one) with you and stay alert.

Reduce Your Risk

Getting In

On the Road

Getting Out

If It Happens to You...

Take Action